Happy Birthday 2020!!

Real Ale Festival Cancelled 2020

The 20th BRAAS Festival It’s easy to remember! 2010 was our 10th birthday and 2020 would have been our 20th! It was never going to go ahead although a way back in February/March there were hopes that by September there might have been a shred of light showing through the bottom of our glass. But …

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What Makes BraasFest Different? Our Sponsors!

What Makes BraasFest Different? There are many real ale & beer festivals going on all year round. And, all have their unique features. But, not many, as far as we know can boast of the support we get from our sponsors. It’s been a feature of the Bo’ness Festival since way back to the first …

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Sponsors Night 2019

Sponsors Night in beer garden

Friday evening was Sponsors Night. Each year we invite our sponsors along for a Pie & A Pint to thank them for their support of the festival. It was held in the Corbie Inn on Friday 2 August 2019. The first festival was in 2001 and this year will be the 19th festival. Many of …

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Festival Theme 2019

James Watt Glass Theme 2019

Festival Glass Theme 2018 Every year since the very first festival, way back in 2001, the festival glass commemorates or celebrates something linked to Bo’ness in some way or other. Last year it was to commemorate Bridgeness Pottery, the last pottery to close in Bo’ness. This year is no different but it wasn’t quite as …

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Festival News 2019

19th Bo’ness Real Ale Festival 2019 Plans for this year’s festival is well under way and pretty well done. The festival this year is tinged with both anticipation and sadness. In April this year we lost Gaius (Guy/Gus) Goodwin, one of our co-founders, good friend to many and a well-kent face in the town. Without …

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Successful 2018 Festival

Another Successful Festival Our 18th annual real ale festival turned out to be another great success. A big thanks to all who were able to attend and make it the success it was. And, of course, our sponsors, who again this year came up trumps. 45 local businesses, organisations and individuals continue to sponsor the …

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Festival Theme 2018

Reals Ale Festival Theme 2018 - Bridgeness Pottery

Festival Glass Theme 2018 If you’ve been to the festival before you will know that you need to get a commemorative glass to sample the beers! And, you will realise, each year your festival glass has a logo or theme. Ever since the very first festival, way back in 2001, they commemorate or celebrate something …

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Festival 2018

18th Bo’ness Real Ale Festival 2018 Plans for this year’s festival started earlier as it is happening a bit earlier too! But, is still well under way and pretty well done. This year the Festival dates are:- Friday 14 September, opening at 5pm Saturday 15 September opening at 12 noon. The theme has been agreed and …

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