Beers on the Bar 2023 Festival!

Unfortunately, during the year we’ve lost two local breweries, Tryst & Hybrid, to retirement and the continuing economic climate. And others on the bar that last year you were able to enjoy.

Both Hybrid Kongo and Tryst Raj were in the top three favourites from last year’s festival voted for through our BraasApp launched for last year’s festival.

They will be sorely missed as both had popular and winning beers not only at BraasFest but around the country’s many festivals, pubs and events.

Fewer Breweries but More New Beers!

There are fewer local breweries left so this year rather than only two beers from each brewery you can enjoy a selection of three mainly new beers to the festival. And, hopefully new to you as well!

So, there will be plenty of new ones (18 this year to the festival) to sample and old favourites to look forward to enjoying again. I’m sure you will!

Be sure to vote for your favourite in BrassApp (get it here).

Beer List


Charisma 3.7% abv (new)
Bad Day at the Office 4.5% abv
10 Storey Malt Bomb 4.5% abv

Broughton Brewery

Wee Jock 4.4% abv (new)
Hopo Proper IPA 5.0% abv
Old Jock 6.7% abv (new)

Fyne Ales

Everyone Loves Harlequin 3.8% abv (new)
Hurrican Jack 4.4% abv (new)
Sublime Export Stout 6.8% abv (new)

Harviestoun Brewery

Bitter & Twisted 3.8% abv
Broken Dial 4.5% abv (new)
Schiehallion 4.8% abv

Kelburn Brewery

Red Smiddy 4.1% abv (new)
Jaguar 4.5% abv

Loch Lomond

Scottish Warrior 4.0% abv (new)
Lost in Mozaic 5.0% abv
Silkie Stout 5.0% abv

Spey Valley

David’s Not So Bitter 4.4% abv
Spey Stout 4.4% abv (new)
Spey’s Cadet IPA 4.5 abv (new)

Stewart Brewing

Pentland IPA 3.9% abv
Ka Pai 5.4% abv
White Affogato 6.0% abv (new)

Strangers Brewery

Nectar Pale 4.2% abv (new)
Hearthside (Spiced Milk Stout) 5.0% abv (new)
Narrowboat 5.7% abv (new)

Thistly Cross Cider

Strawberry 3.4% abv
Scottish Fruits 3.4% abv (new)
Traditional 4.4% abv
Whisky 6.7% abv

Williams Brothers

March of the Penguins 4.9% abv (new)
Joker 5.0% abv
7 Giraffes 5.1% abv

Look forward to seeing you at the festival! Cheers

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