Beers on the Bar 2019

Beers on the Bar at BrassFest 2019!

As every other year we try to feature beers from some of the newest breweries.

Last year there were no new breweries, in the area of Forth Valley, we regard as our patch! But, the good news, there is this year!

Not just one but 3!

And new beers. 14 of them!

Not just from the new breweries! Some of them you just might have come across on your travels but there are definitely a few that are new you are unlikely to have tried before. But, now will be your chance!

Like always we have some breweries back that have been missing in previous years with new brews of their own. So, there will be plenty of new ones to sample and favourites to look forward to enjoying again.

And, I’m sure you will!

2019 Festival Glass Theme

Barneys Beer

Capital Porter   5.0% abv (new)
Red Rye              4.5% abv

Campbell’s of Peebles (new)

Flintlock Pale     3.7% abv
Destrier Dark      4.8% abv


Friendly Fire APA              4.3% abv (new)
Little Monster IPA           3.7% abv (new)

Edinburgh Beer Factory (new)

ZEEP Mediterranean Pale             3.5% abv
Futurism Modern Brown               6.0% abv

Fallen Brewery

New World Odyssey       4.1% abv
Blackhouse Porter           5.0% abv

Hybrid Brewing

Hippy Chick         4.6% abv (new)
60/- Sesh             3.6% abv (new)
Jar Nektar           5.7% abv (new)


Lia Fail   4.7% abv
Ossian   4.1% abv

Kelburn Brewery

Jaguar   4.5% abv
Gadzooks            5.5% abv (new)

Kinneil Brewhoose

John Jeffrey       abv (new)
Wayfinder           abv

Knops Brewing

East Coast Pale  3.8% abv
Musselburgh Broke         4.5% abv

Merchant City Brewing (new)

American Pale Ale            4.7% abv
Vienna Lager      5.0% abv

Strathaven Ales

Old Moriarty      4.2% abv (new)
Usquebae           7.0% abv (new)


80/-        4.4% abv
Due South           3.8% abv

Top Out Brewery

Staple   4.0% abv (new)
Pale Ale                 3.6% abv

Tryst Brewery

Raj          5.5% abv
Double Chocolate Porter               4.4% abv

Thistly Cross Cider

Traditional           4.4% abv
Whisky Cask       6.7% abv (new)
Strawberry         4.0% abv

It’s not long now! See you Friday or Saturday or even both!

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