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Another Successful Festival in 2018

Sunday, 23 September 2018 15:06

Another Successful Festival

Our 18th annual real ale festival turned out to be another great success.

A big thanks to all who were able to attend and make it the success it was.

And, of course, our sponsors, who again this year came up trumps. 45 local businesses, organisations and individuals continue to sponsor the festival each year.

Without you and our sponsors it wouldn't have lasted 18 years! You enable us to continue to donate to local groups, organisations and other worthwhile activities.

Visitors enjoying festival


Beers on Bar at BraasFest 2018

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 15:12

Festival Glass Theme - Bridgeness Pottery

Beers on the Bar at BrassFest 2018!

As every other year we try to feature beers from some of the newest breweries. This year there are no new breweries, at least none within the area of Forth Valley, we regard as our patch!

But there are new beers!

Although no new breweries, we do have some back that have been missing in previous years with new brews of their own. So, there will still be new ones to sample and favourites to look forward to enjoying again.

And, I'm sure you will!


Festival Glass Theme 2018

Thursday, 19 July 2018 14:37

Festival Glass Theme 2018

Reals Ale Festival Theme 2018 - Bridgeness Pottery

If you've been to the festival before you will know that you need to get a commemorative glass to sample the beers!

And, you will realise, each year your festival glass has a logo or theme.

Ever since the very first festival, way back in 2001, they commemorate or celebrate something linked to Bo'ness in some way.

Last year it was the saving and refurbishment of a mooring buoy from the now unused harbour & dock.

It was hoped that it would be in-situ situated alongside the dock by now, but we all know just how long the planning process can take!

It's always a concern that we will run out of ideas for a theme but, something always seems to come along!

This year it commemorates the closing of the last pottery in Bo'ness 60 years ago!


Real Ale Festival 2018

Tuesday, 17 July 2018 11:13

18th Bo'ness Real Ale Festival 2018

Plans for this year's festival started earlier as it is happening a bit earlier too! But, is still well under way and pretty well done.

This year the Festival dates are:-

Friday 14 September, opening at 5pm
Saturday 15 September opening at 12 noon.

The theme has been agreed and the glasses about to go into production (watch this space for next update). That, apart from choosing the beers, is probably one of the more important things to get organised!

All that remains now; to finalise what breweries and beers to get. Generally that's left to about a month before when it's known what the chosen brewers will have their lists. (More to come closer to the time.)

2017 was another successful festival

It's becoming a bit boring and repetitive but 2017 proved to be another successful festival with not many beers lasting out to the 'bitter' end!


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