Successful 2018 Festival

Another Successful Festival

Our 18th annual real ale festival turned out to be another great success. A big thanks to all who were able to attend and make it the success it was.

And, of course, our sponsors, who again this year came up trumps. 45 local businesses, organisations and individuals continue to sponsor the festival each year.Visitors enjoying festival

Without you and our sponsors it wouldn’t have lasted 18 years! You enable us to continue to donate to local groups, organisations and other worthwhile activities.

We also have to thank the volunteers among you who each year come along to help setup and serve behind the bar.

It might only be a few hours each but it does make a difference.

An added bonus is that it allows the committee to take a break here & there to sample one or two of the beers ourselves.

Help on Saturday night
Saturday Night Help!

So thanks again!

Last but not least.

Thanks to Bo’ness Belles who performed on Friday evening, and Blue Avenues for the entertainment on both Friday and Saturday.

How do we measure success?

Like in every aspect of life there are many ways. As far as BRAAS is concerned it is:

  • The number of faces we recognise from years gone by
  • The number of new faces not seen before
  • The numbers coming through the door
  • The number of casks of beer that go down

Not got an accurate figure for the total number of visitors but we did recognise a good number of ‘well-kent’ faces. One of them has been coming for eighteen years on both days – since day one!

And, a good number of new ones! Some of them a good bit younger than ourselves, enjoying the beers. Always gratifying for the future of real ale!

Counting glasses alone doesn’t do it as many women come along and drink wine and you don’t need a pint glass for that!

Double Choc Porter
First Beer Down!

One Down, 29 to Go!

One measure that we do like to keep tabs on is what, when and how many casks drop.

All 30 didn’t drop but 20 were finished by closing time and the ones left weren’t far from it. Another hour might have done it…

The first to go was from local brewery, Tryst in Larbert. Their Double Chocolate Porter dropped first at 15:40 on Saturday afternoon. When one goes the rest start to follow at an increasing rate!

That represents approximately, 4176 half-pints not to mention the wine and cider.

Blue Avenues
Blue Avenues on Friday night

But, most of all the best measure of all

It is the number of people who tell us how much they have enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next one. That’s what really makes it all worth it!

See you all next year – so watch this space!

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