Festival Beers 2018

Beers on the Bar at BrassFest 2018!

As every other year we try to feature beers from some of the newest breweries. This year there are no new breweries, at least none within the area of Forth Valley, we regard as our patch!

But there are new beers!

Although no new breweries, we do have some back that have been missing in previous years with new brews of their own. So, there will still be new ones to sample and favourites to look forward to enjoying again.

And, I’m sure you will!

Festival Glass Theme - Bridgeness Pottery

Alechemy Brewing

Bad Day At The Office 4.5% abv
10 Storey Malt Bomb 4.5% abv

Barney’s Beer

Mount Fuji 4.0% abv
Sorachi Ace 5.0% abv

Devon Ales

IPA 4.5% abv
Thick Black 4.1% abv

Ferry Brewery

Three Bridges 4.4% abv
Ferry Fair 4.0% abv

Hybrid Brewing

Hippy Chick 3.06% abv
Citra Storm 3.8% abv


Thai Pa 5.2% abv
Lia Fail 4.7% abv

Jaw Brewing

Spinnaker 4.7% abv
Fathom 4.0% abv

Kelburn Brewing Co

Misty Law 4.0% abv
Pivo Estivo 3.9% abv

Kinneil Brewhoose

Yill 3.8% abv
Lowsin’ Thyme 4.2% abv

Knops Beer Company

India Pale Ale- 5.0% abv
Black Cork 6.5% abv

Loch Lomond Brewery

Lost in Mosaic 5.0% abv
Bonnie ‘n’ Blonde 4.0% abv


Craigmill Gold 3.7% abv
Duchess Anne 3.9% abv

Strathbraan Brewery

Due South 3.8% abv
Head East 4.2% abv

Tryst Brewery

Pale Peach 3.6% abv
Double Chocolate Porter 4.4% abv

Williams Brothers

7 Giraffes 5.1% abv
Birds + Bees 4.3% abv

Thistly Cross Cider

Original Cider 6.4% abv
Ginger Cider 4.4% abv
Strawberry Cider 4.4% abv

It’s not long now! See you on Friday or Saturday or even both!Fe

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