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Beer List for 2011 Bo'ness Ale Festival
Wednesday, 28 September 2011 12:57

2011 Festival Beer List

Something old, something new but none borrowed or even blue!

As a Forth Valley beer festival we make every effort to support as many local brewers as possible and this year is no different!

Wide choice of 32 to enjoy

There are 32 beers to choose from, well 30 plus 2 ciders, but who is going to argue, there will be one or two you like!

Some are old favourites but some are new, at least, to the festival and one or two of you may have already tried them elsewhere so you will know how good they are!

We're using a new service this year that enables us to list them with tasting notes well so you can make an early start in putting them in the order you might want to taste them.

You can also view them on the YourRound BeerCam and you can order them in a variety of ways! Just click on the Beer Option logo on top left.

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