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Sample some of Belgium's best bottled beers
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 11:25

Belgium Beer List in Call Harry's Bar

On both Friday and Saturday evenings you will also be able to sample some of the best of Belgian Beers in Call Harry's Bar (better known to locals as the town hall library).

Available in a variety of bottle sizes and strengths the bigger sizes and stronger beers might be better drank as you would enjoy wine.

Beer Size O.G. Type
Achel 8 Blond 33.0 8.0 Trap
Creamy With Hints Of Vanilla In Its Maltness
Achel 8 Bruin 33.0 8.0 Trap
Carmelly Giving A Smooth Toastiness
Chimay Bleu 33.0 9.0 Trap
One Of The Best Beers In The World, Powerful Nose, Complex
Chimay Grande Reserve 75.0 9.0 Trap
As For Bleu But Far More Complex, Large Bottle Best Shared As Wine
Chimay Rouge 33.0 7.0 Trap
Wonderful Copper Ale, Soft Malty Palate
Chimay Triple 33.0 8.0 Trap
Full Bodied And Well Balanced Blond
Duvel 33.0 8.5 Gold
Medium Bodied And Complex, Hoppy Malty Blond. A Unique Trappist Beer
Orval Amber 33.0 6.2 Trap
Orangy Colour, Earthy Hoppy Nose
Rochefort 10 33.0 11.3 Trap
Deep Rich, Benchmark For Trappist Ales
Rochefort 8 33.0 9.2 Trap
Soft And Rich, Long Finish
Westmalle Dubbel 33.0 7.0 Trap
Dark Fruity Dubbel, Hints Of Dried Fruit And Cocoa
Westmalle Tripel 33.0 9.5 Trap
Complex And Slightly Tart
Leffe Blond 33.0 6.6 Abbey
Softly Malty Blonde With Spicy Finish
Grimbergen Blonde 33.0 6.7 Abbey
Fairly Light, Soft And Malty, Tart Finish
Grimbergen Doubbel 33.0 6.5 Abbey
Dark Fruity Ale With A Long Fruity Finish
Leffe Brune 33.0 6.5 Abbey
Coppery Brown Slightly Smoky With A Dry Finish
Kwak 33.0 8.4 Red
Full Bodied Amber Ale, Rich And Satisfying
Hoegaarden 33.0 4.9 Wheat
The Wheat Beer Which Made Brits Believe Cloudy Beer Could Still Be Good
Bacchus Kriek 37.5 5.8 Lambic
Light And Refreshing Cherry Fruit Beer With A Spritzy Tartness
Bacchus Framboise 37.5 5.0 Lambic
Light And Refreshing Raspberry Fruit Beer With A Spritzy Tartness
Timmermans Geuze 33.0 5.0 Lambic
Fairly Dry Finish
Boon Framboise 37.5 5.0 Lambic
Lambic With Strawberries, Huge Bouquet
Boon Kriek 37.5 4.5 Lambic
Lambic With Cherries Laid In Wood Over A Winter
Mort Subite Kriek 25.0 4.5 Lambic
Cherry Beer From One Of The Best Pubs In Brussells
Floris Apple 33.0 3.6 Fruit
Light Refreshing Fruit Beer
Floris Frambroos 33.0 3.6 Fruit
Single Raspberry White Fruit Beer
Floris Mango 33.0 3.6 Fruit
Wheat Beer With Mango
Floris Ninkeberry 33.0 3.6 Fruit
Mango, Apricot, Peach And Passion Fruit
Floris Passion 33.0 3.6 Fruit
Wheat Beer With Passion Fruit
Fruli Strawberry 25.0 4.1 Fruit
Easy Drinking And Smooth White Fruit Beer. A Beer With Its Own Website
Lindemans Cassis 25.0 3.5 Fruit
Reddish Purple Full Bodied And Soft While Still Refreshing And Crisp
Lindemans Framboos 25.0 2.5 Fruit
Magnificant Aroma With Delicate Palate Raspberries
Lindemans Kriek 37.5 3.5 Fruit
Intense, Tart, Cherry Sweet Lambiek Fruit Beer
Lindemans Pecheresse 25.0 2.5 Fruit
Golden With A Nose Full Of Peach, Crisp And Refreshing
Mongozo Banana (Fair Trade) 33.0 3.6 Fruit
White Beer With Banana, Sweet Flavour
Mongozo Coconut (Fair Trade) 33.0 3.5 Fruit
A Refreshing Taste Of Coconut
Timmermans Strawberry 33.0 4.0 Fruit
Evokes The Perfumes Of A Summer Day
Mcchouffe 75.0 8.0 Scotch
Deep Chestnut Brown, Spicy Malted Carmel, Belgiums Tribute To Scotch Ales
Known As "Scotch Of The Ardennes." Large Bottle Ideal For Sharing

The beer will be sold in the usual way by getting tickets at main entrance and can be used in either bar.

In either case you are bound to enjoy the beer wherever you get it!


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