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We say cheers to Have a Heart fund raisers
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 10:22

Report by Esther Hutcheson (Bo'ness Journal) - 1May 2009

THE first week of the Journal and Gazette's Have A Heart campaign has got off to the best possible start thanks to our generous readers.

A massive 1500 donation from the Bo'ness Real Ale Appreciation Society (BRAAS) is enough to buy a SECOND life-saving defibrillator for Bo'ness.

Have a Heart campaignIt follows a pledge by big-hearted Bo'ness Academy staff and pupils to purchase the first life-saving machine.

Heart disease is Scotland's biggest killer and our campaign aims to raise thousands of pounds to provide defibrillators in our three main towns of Bo'ness, Linlithgow and South Queensferry.

The easy-to-use heart-start equipment will enable specially-trained community volunteers to respond quickly to those in need, before medical back-up arrives.

Each defibrillator costs 1500 and our Have A Heart campaign is being run with the British Heart Foundation Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service.

BRAAS's donation the single largest one they've made to date, from more than 5700 worth of good cause contributions comes from the profits of last October's real ale festival at the Town Hall. Thanks to event sponsorship from local businesses and breweries, money raised through the sale of commemorative glasses can be invested right back in to the community.

Previous beneficiaries include Cubs and Brownie groups, Santa's grotto at the Bo'ness Moviedrome, plus the women's refuge.

BRAAS committee member Gail Fairholm said: "We saw the Have A Heart campaign in the paper last week and discussed it over a pint on Friday night."

Guy Goodwin, a BRAAS founder, said: "The money comes from the town to support the festival and we would like to put it back into the town.

''We are always looking for a worthy cause.

"In a town like Bo'ness there's a need for a defibrillator and someone with the expertise to use it, for anybody that requires it."

Added 65-year-old Guy: "None of us are getting any younger. It's an insurance policy."


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