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We're Back!
Friday, 27 February 2009 13:27

Welcome back BRAAS!!

Sometime end of last year, after the 2008 festival, someone Yell, for whatever reason other than they were able to, hacked into the site and corrupted a number of essential files and caused the site to bomb out!

But undaunted, almost...

It took a little time to re-install and get up-and-running again but it's done and hopefully, more secure, that sounds a bit like a challenge but it's not meant to be*!

This year's festival dates 

So just in case it happens again put the dates of this year's festival in your diary now (so you will know and there will be no excuse):- 

Friday 2nd October, 5 - 11pm

Saturday 3rd October, 12 noon till 11pm

There will be the usual great, some new, some old favourites, to tempt the tasebuds, with entertainment both nights and food, as in previous years, each evening and all day Saturday.

So, if you happen to fancy a pint on Saturday afternoon, you can have your tea, well not literally, but you know what I mean, and stay for the evening entertainment as well. We don't allow towels but you can use your jacket to book your seat! 

How's that for good planning? Cheers and see you then!

* We take proper backups now, I would advise everyone to do the same for their own systems, and can pretty quickly restore so we should be ok from here on in Laughing


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