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Linlithgow-Bo'ness festival mini bus pickup
Sunday, 21 September 2014 13:11

Bus StopBus stop, wet day, she’s there, I say…

Many of you of a certain age might recognise the above as the start of a hit song in the mid-sixties but, by who?

Yes, I know it's the same heading as last year; that's because it's announcing the same service (to be honest, couldn't think of anything else)!

Bus stop, bus stop, but where?

Bo'ness is sometimes not as easy to get to by public transport, so to make it easier for visitors to the beer festival BRAAS has organised a mini-bus between Linlithgow and Bo’ness Town Hall, each way, of course!

Linlithgow to Bo’ness

Most real ale drinkers will know The Four Mary’s in Linlithgow and that’s a good starting point!

Linlithgow CrossThis year the bus will be parked somewhere round the square at The Cross (pretty much opposite The Four Mary's as well), you can't really miss it.

Just look out for a mini-bus with a BRAAS poster in the window.

Should be pretty easy to see!

The bus will leave from The Cross on:-

Friday @ 6pm & 8pm

Saturday @ 6pm & 8pm

Bo’ness to Linlithgow

As last year, the bus will leave from outside the town hall and drop off at the same pickup point in Linlithgow.

The bus will leave from Town Hall on:-

Friday @ 10pm & 11pm

Saturday @ 10pm & 11pm

Last year's scheduling didn't really work as well as hoped, so this year there won't be as many but at times to make it as convenient to get down to the festival and time to enjoy a few beers and back to Linlithgow if you need to catch another connection back home.

The cost will be £2.50 each way which is a pretty good deal!

Look forward to seeing you all regardless of how you get there!

And, by the way, who was it a hit for?

Picture credit: Flavell Creative Images


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