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Beers on bar for 2013 real ale festival
Monday, 16 September 2013 10:03

Beers on the Bar and a few ciders

That's it done!

Braas Polo LogoThe beers have been decided, ordered and will be getting delivered during the week of the festival.

They need a couple of days to settle so you can enjoy them in the condition they are meant to be enjoyed. So, here's hoping they all do just that for opening time, at 5pm, on Friday night.

As usual we've tried to get a spread of type, strengths and styles and there's milds, pale ales, stouts and a few fruity ones into the bargain so there is bound to be one that takes your fancy.

But, the hope is that you will try a few that you might not have tried before! That's what festivals are for after all!

Look forward to seeing you on either Friday or Saturday night or even both. Cheers!

Alechemy Brewing

Five Sisters - 4.3 abv
Cockleroy - 4.8 abv

Broughton Ales Ltd

Merlins Ale - 4.2 abv
Exciseman 80/- - 4.6 abv

Devon Ales

Devon Thick Black - 4.2 abv
IPA (light in colour) - 4.2 abv

Fallen Brewery

Blackhouse - 5.0 abv
1703 Session Beer - 3.9 abv

Harvieston Brewery

Schiehallion - 4.8 abv
Ruck n Maul - 4.0 abv


Lia Fail (Stone of Destiny) - 4.7 abv
Ossian - 4.1 abv

Kelburn Brewing Co

Misty Law - 4.0 abv
Jaguar - 4.5 abv

Kinneil Brewery

Caer Edin Dark Ale - 4.2 abv
Corbieha’ Pale Ale - 3.8 abv

Knops Beer Company

California Common - 4.6 abv
Musselburgh Broke - 4.5 abv

Loch Lomond Brewery

Bonnie n’ Bitter - 3.8 abv
Silkie Stout - 5.0 abv

Strathaven Ales

Craigmill Mild - 3.5 abv
Claverhouse - 4.5 abv

Strathbraan Brewery

Due South - 3.8 abv
Head East - 4.2 abv

TinPot Brewery

Bramble Pot - 5.0 abv
Pot Black - 5.0 abv

Traquair House Brewery

Bear Ale or Stuart Ale - 5.0 abv

Tryst Brewery

Amarillo - 3.9 abv
High Voltage - 6.0 abv

TSA Brewing Co.

Sporran Warmer - 4.8 abv
Lomond Gold - 5.0 abv

Williams Bros.

Joker IPA - 5.0 abv
Williams Red - 4.3 abv

Thistly Coss Cider

Original Cider - 7.2 abv
Ginger Cider - 4.4 abv
Strawberry Cider - 4.4 abv


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