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Real Ale Festival 2013 - Breweries
Wednesday, 11 September 2013 10:27

Breweries featured at this yearís festival

Beer on bar at 2013 real ale festival

In an earlier post about deciding on this yearís festival theme and the difficulty of finding one to celebrate, it's mirrored when deciding on what breweries and what beers to get for the festival.

Itís equally difficult but for entirely different reasons! Itís a problem but one in itself to celebrate!

In Forth Valley - too many Breweries, too many Beers!

Away back in the early days it was a lot easier as there were only a few breweries to choose from.

Canít remember what it was in 2001 but for our 2005 festival we had eight breweries and 18 beers on the bar.

And, to make up the numbers there was 3 beers from some of them.

A headache but a welcome one!

Since then there has been an explosion of new breweries springing up everywhere throughout the country and luckily a good few of them fall into our catchment area of the Forth Valley and Central Scotland.

And, that can only be good news all round and even better that there are all these new brews to sample both at the festival and in our favourite pubs.

The difficulty this year was which ones to leave out; never an easy one to get right as you canít please all of the people all of the time and have to leave out someoneís favourite.

A hard job it is but somebody has to do it! And, itís been done (see below)! But it was a committee decision so no-one could be individually blamed.

The main problem is we are limited by the number of beers we can get on the bar so itís a balance between breweries, beers available and styles and we like to have a good spread and variation.

Back to basics!

One of our objectives is to spread the word about real ale and that goes for new ones and old ones.

The difficulty was that on a count there were 26 breweries to choose from and only space for 16/17 if we were to take two from each; thereís no point just getting one!

The decision was to focus on some of the newer breweries.

So, this year there are five new breweries in addition to the two that were new to the festival last year and although some of your favourites might be missing there are sure to be a few that you can add to the list.

Breweries on the Bar

The following are the breweries on the bar this year.

Alchemy Brewing
Broughton Ales
Devon Ales
Fallen Brewery
Harvieston Brewery
Inveralmond Brewery
Kelburn Brewing
Kinneil Brew Hoose
Knops Beer Company
Loch Lomond Brewery
Strathaven Ales
Strathbraan Brewery
TSA Brewing Co
TinPot Brewery
Traquair House Brewery
Tryst Brewery
Williams Bros
Thistly Cross Cider

The beers will follow shortly as some were still finalising what would be available during festival week but, donít worry, weíll keep you informed when we know.


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