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Festival Raffle - Your Own Special Brew
Tuesday, 02 October 2012 17:51

Surfers Cornish AleSpecial Raffle - Your Own Special Brew

From the 2011 Bo'ness Real Ale Festival, £2780 has been given to local causes needing a little help and groups to help with their fundraising.

Since BRAAS started out in 2001, a total of £15,280 has been put back into the community helping support local organisations, groups and good causes in Bo'ness.

This year, we're hoping you'll help us raise that little bit more by buying tickets in our raffle.

The prizes are beer. Nae surprise there then!!! And, the winner can designate the charity of their choice!

First Prize:

5 gallons of ale Donated by Kinneil Brew Hoose.

Before you get too excited - it's a kit but...!

Worldwide Brewery Classics Surfers reward Cornish Ale - 40pints 4.3% abv

“Real surfs up satisfaction in a glass, this stunning ale is a wonderful bright pale amber colour with a great refreshing hop aroma.

Smooth full bodied malt flavour is perfectly balanced with a stunning blend of hops giving rich hop character topped off with citrus hop freshness that is a perfect tribute to Cornish ales.”

This is the very latest in home brew kits. It's very easy to make. You only have to add hot water in a big bucket.

But... Don't worry if you think that's too difficult!

Stuart, the brewer from Kinneil Brew Hoose has offered to help you make the kit in the brewery in Corbiehall.

You can then come back and bottle it and take it home, or Gail could put it on draught for your special night in the Corbie Inn. We'd even make your own font clip!

Up to you......

Stuart is hosting a Home Brew Masterclass on festival Saturday afternoon from 2pm to talk about home brewing so you can come along and see what it's all about. He'll have the kit on display!


2 Prizes of 5 litre Microkegs of Beer From Kinneil Brew Hoose.

Kinneil Brew Hoose Microkegs

If you haven't had one of these before, it's beer straight from the brewery. You just pour it out of the wee tap into your glass.

About 9 pints, so maybe you should invite some friends round, or, maybe not!

Due to licencing laws, we can't hand over beer on the night for you to take away.

You'll get a voucher to collect your beer, later, when it suits you!

You can get a ticket or, even better, tickets (as many as you want) at the festival or at the Saturday afternoon Home Brew Masterclass, Stuart will be taking in the Library across foyer from main hall.



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