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The BRAAS Beer Bus - Bo'ness - Linlithgow
Thursday, 19 September 2013 14:52

Shuttle bus between Boíness & Linlithgow

Fourways Festival Shuttle BusLotís of our festival visitors come from far and wide. Sometimes a considerate family member will drive them, sometimes they come on foot, by bus, train or a combination of all three to support and enjoy the selection of real ales.

And, we are grateful and delighted they do!

But, getting to the festival can sometimes be a trial. Bus and train timetables donít always coincide and can mean a delay getting to the festival.

And, none of us want that, do we!

Transport links not always the best!

Many will think that is an understatement with the bus service between Boíness and Linlithgow not exactly the most convenient, regular and not always when you want or need it!

Door-To-Door Shuttle Bus Service

So, this year, BRAAS has arranged with local taxi company, Fourways Taxis, to provide a regular mini-bus shuttle service between Linlithgow and Boíness Town Hall.

Visitors wonít have to worry about getting to the bus stop on time or booking a taxi to get them down to the festival or back up to Linlithgow to catch a connection back home.

Starting from 6.30pm on Friday 4 October a 16-seat mini-bus will leave Linlithgow on the half-hour until 10.30pm and from 7pm on the hour until 11pm from Boíness Town Hall going back to Linlithgow (see table below).

Not Free but is Subsidised!

At only £2 each way itís less than the price of a pint.

To make that possible BRAAS has agreed to subsidise the costs of providing the mini-bus service so whether the bus is full or itís just you, it will leave on time and you will get to the festival and back again when you want.

Leaves Linlithgow Leaves Boíness
Friday 4 October 2013
Saturday 5 October 2013
Price £2.00 £2.00

Now you can plan when and how to get to the festival, so, thereís no excuse, as if you needed one!

Look forward to seeing you all!


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