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2009 Glass Logo
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 12:37

Have a Heart campaign logo adapted for festival glass

Earlier in the year local paper Bo'ness Journal & Gazette ran a Have a Heart Appeal to raise funds to provide defibrillators in and around towns in the area.

Ale & Hearty Festival Glass logoAfter reading about it in local press it was an easy decision to make to, in the first instance, donate 1500 (the price of a new defibrillator) to the appeal and then to make this year's theme based around the appeal.

So our commemorative glass (your entrance to festival on either or even both days) utilises the Hearty logo and adds our own take on it.

Sensible consumption and enjoyment

As a group our objective is to promote the enjoyment of real ale in all its forms with the operative word being enjoyment and the sensible consumption of it not simply for the sake of it.

With that in mind the slogan is Ale and Hearty as our health and keeping it is important to us all.


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