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Festival Glass Theme 2017
Tuesday, 22 August 2017 00:00

The buoy being reclaimed

Festival Glass Theme 2017

As anyone who has been to the festival before, you will know that each year the festival has a theme. They commemorate or celebrate something important or represents the town in some way.

Each year it's always a concern that we will run out of ideas for a festival theme.

But, something always seems to turn up!

Last year is was to commemorate The Battle of Jutland centenary.

This year it is to mark the Return of the Buoy!

Festival Theme 2017

The 19th-century iron-plate mooring buoy was left, abandoned and unloved, in a quiet corner of Bo’ness Dock for nearly 60 years after the dock closed in the 1950’s.

Local enthusiasts decided that it would be a good idea to recover one and have it displayed on the foreshore.

And now, thanks to funding from Falkirk Environment Trust, the buoy is being restored to its former glory by Briggs Marine in Burntisland.

See it on the foreshore

It's hoped the restored buoy will be on display by the harbour later this year as a fitting tribute to the town’s longstanding association with the sea.

It fits in well with the festival as the very first in 2001 was in support of a plan to re-open the harbour and dock.

Unfortunately, due the the recession of the last decade, the project had to be shelved.

It is of a particularly interesting design thought to be by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. He's considered "one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history".

Having said that, there is some controversy whether true or not but... it's interesting all the same!

Either way the beer will taste as good whether true or not!


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