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Bo'ness Real Ale Festival 2015
Thursday, 06 August 2015 13:39

Bo'ness Real Ale Festival 2015

Planning each year's real ale festival starts around about January and this year it is pretty well done. The theme has been agreed (more on that to come), the glasses ordered, and it only now remains to be seen what beers are available closer to the time.

Festival goers enjoying the beer

It came as no real surprise that it was another successful festival in 2014 but we still get a bit nervous.

But, after 14 years, everyone who comes for the first, second or from the very beginning tell us they enjoy it and actually look forward to it so maybe we just need to stop getting 'you know what's in a twist' and look forward to it like everyone else!

Dates for your diary in 2015

Last year the festival was held on the last weekend of September as someone, during the transfer of responsibility from Falkirk Council to Falkirk Community Trust, got in first and booked 'our' weekend.

As said last year, if "everything goes well, first weekend in October will be our fixed time from now on" and barring some real disaster that should now be the festival dates.

So, for 2015 these are:-

Bo'ness Town Hall

Friday 2 October, 5pm till 11pm
Saturday 3 October, Noon till 11pm

for some Beer, Band and Burgers

Beer. As every year we try to have as varied selection of ales as possible. Some you might have tasted, some that will be new and some from new breweries you might not even heard of.

There are more and more breweries to choose from every year and some from outwith our usual selection area with some really great tasting beers.

In the past, beers were chosen from local, in the main Forth Valley breweries, to give them the opportunity of getting their beers out there! There has been some discussion whether the net should be widened with the usual pro's and con's on both sides of the argument.

Not been decided yet but there will be a great selection regardless of the outcome to enjoy. (If you have an opinion, we would be happy to hear it in the comments below.)

Band. A lot of visitors like to come and listen to the music and that's great but many also said that it's sometimes too loud to just have a chat with friends. And, we like to think we listen to who really matters!

Saturday night band 2015

For the last three years there has only been a band on the Saturday night for the reasons above have decided to stick with it again this year!

Friday night will be a quiet night (as far as music goes that is) with only some in the background to take the edge of the deafening silence!

Last year one of the local bands performed an acoustic blues session on Saturday afternoon and were pretty good!

Good enough to ask them back for another session on the Saturday evening and that good we booked them, on the spot, as the entertainment for Saturday evening this year.

Burgers. As in previous years there will be the usual range of pub type grub in addition to the ever popular burgers and, of course, pies and soft drinks (for those unfortunates or kind souls who have to drive)!

As last year Harry's Bar will again be in name only and still be through in the library. It will be the quiet area on both nights where you can just go and have a wee blether if that's your tipple and what you fancy doing.

Hope you agree but your opinions are welcome and are taken into consideration for future festivals. 'You can'tsatifyall the people all thetime' but we do try to satisfy as many as possible! You can comment below on anything you think could help, improve or make the festival even better.

This year will be the 15th festival and we intend to just keep on going as long as you continue to enjoy it and want to come! So, if there is anything you think might make it better, don't hold back, we're big boys and girls and can cope with constructive criticism.

So, get these dates into your organiser, diary or smartphone and keep in touch for updates (you can also follow us on Twitter). And, we'll see you then!



0 #7 Rob Willox 2018-08-27 10:09
Quoting Laura McNulty:
Is it cash only? How much is the glass and ale? Any gluten free beers? Kids allowed? thanks

Hi Laura
Commemorative glass is £5 and the beer is £1.50/halfpint. Tokens are used so no cash over bar.
Not sure about gluten free (not all breweries produce them and will have to check if the ones this year will be there). As far as children are concerned they are welcome on Saturday afternoon as long as they are well-behaved and supervised.
Hope that helps.
Cheers, Rob
0 #6 Laura McNulty 2018-08-26 18:30
Is it cash only? How much is the glass and ale? Any gluten free beers? Kids allowed? thanks
0 #5 Paul 2016-10-06 16:59
Hi how much is the glass and tokens this year.. ?

0 #4 Rob Willox 2016-09-12 12:45
Quoting ken:
Ahoy there !!!!!
Is it a free for all as in its not ticket entry, all are made welcome?

Hi Ken
Not ticket entry but you do need to purchase a commemorative pint glass if you want to sample the beers. It's a one-off cost and yours to keep. It can be used on both Friday and/or Saturday.
Rob Willox, BRAAS
0 #3 ken 2016-09-12 12:20
Ahoy there !!!!!
Is it a free for all as in its not ticket entry, all are made welcome?


0 #2 Rob Willox 2015-09-28 13:20
Quoting Peter Stevens:
Will you be showing the Scotand Vs South Africa Rugby World Cup game on the Saturday? Thanks.

Hi Peter
Unfortunately, the town hall doesn't have internet/wifi access and tv reception is pretty bad so the answer is probably, no!
But, will check again when we start to setup on Wednesday and if any change will post update.
PS if you can think of any other way round it would be good to know
0 #1 2015-09-28 11:30
Will you be showing the Scotand Vs South Africa Rugby World Cup game on the Saturday? Thanks.

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