Bo'ness Real Ale Appreciation Society

Thursday, 06 September 2007 18:10


The name of the Society shall be Bo'ness Real Ale Appreciation Society (BRAAS).


  • To increase awareness and promote availability of real ales and beers.
    To encourage public houses, bars & clubs to offer real ales & beers from both local and national breweries.
  • To promote and run an Annual Bo'ness Real Ale Festival, other festivals where and when appropriate from both local and national breweries and peripheral activities in support of stated aims of the society.
  • To liaise with Camra and other interest groups to promote real ale and its enjoyment.


Membership of the Society will be open to all and any individuals with an interest in real ale as a beverage and/or an interest in the brewing process.


  • The Management of the Society will be governed by a Committee of not more than six and will have the power to co-opt additional members as required. Of the six members there will be an elected Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary/Treasurer.
  • These Office-Bearers will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting but will be eligible for re-election.
  • Members of the Committee may be re-elected for a further term of office (but shall not exceed three consecutive years in any one elected position).
  • A quorum at a Management Committee Meeting will be five members.
  • The Management Committee will meet as often as necessary.
  • The Honorary Treasurer will keep proper Accounts of the Society and operate funds lodged with the Bank. The Treasurer will be outlined to sign cheques and other documents together with the Chairman or Vice-Chairman or Secretary's signature. An Annual Statement of Accounts will be prepared and presented at the Annual General Meeting. These Accounts will be submitted to all members of the Society for approval. The financial year to end 31 July of each year.
  • The Secretary will send out notices convening the Annual General Meeting together with the statement of accounts and nominations for Office Bearers and Committee at least 14 days before the date decided for the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Secretary shall within 21 days of receiving a written request to do so, signed by no less than five (5) members, call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society at which a quorum will be five members.


The title to all heritable property which may be acquired by or for the purposes of the Society shall be taken and shall thereafter stand in the name of the Chairman and Secretary as Trustees (ex officio) for the Society and shall be held by them and their successors for the purpose of the Society as determined by this Constitution. The property will be shown as an asset on the balance sheet.


In the event of the Society becoming defunct, an Extraordinary General Meeting will be convened. If such a decision is confirmed, the Committee shall have the power to dispose of any assets held by or in the name of the Society. The assets or proceeds from the sale of the assets, if applicable, shall be used, if required, to settle any debts or charges on the Society and/or donated to charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of Bo'ness.


Any proposal to alter the constitution must be delivered in writing to the Secretary of the Management Committee not less than 14 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. Any such proposal will require the approval of a two-thirds majority of the attending members at that meeting.


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