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Welcome to Bo'ness Real Ale Appreciation Society!

The new look BRAAS Real Ale Festival website

The new website has been designed to make it easier for everyone to keep up-to-date with the annual Bo'ness Real Ale Festival.

But just as important is that the new look and underlying technology will enable it to be more informative and able to better interact with members and keep up-to-date with what's happening in the world of real ale.

The website is based on an industry standard CMS (content management system) which is designed to be easy to use for administrators and for members to add, update and present news, views and information of interest to real ale enthusiasts.

It means that information can be added more quickly than before and you will be better informed about what is happening in BRAAS and at the festival and hopefully more involvement during the year.

User interaction

Using a CMS means that you, once registered, can add content, be it

  • articles relating to real ale
  • web site links to other sites of interest
  • comment on existing articles

and generally contribute to the aims and objectives of BRAAS by active participation. It is hoped that over time the website will become a stimulating and active campaigner for the further expansion of real ale, not only in Bo'ness but in the Forth Valley and wider afield.


It was decided to install the most recent version of the CMS. It is still not the full production version but very close!

So for the time being, and probably until after this year's festival, the full functionality won't be fully available but...

You will receive notification, as early as practicable, when you will be able to register and take part!

But in the meantime, we all hope you enjoy this year's festival!


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